Here you’ll find links to other subbers, communities, and more so that you can find more awesome subs and content.

Team Gaki
The team that brings you the 24 Hour Batsu every year. I’m good pals with most of the regular members of the team, so go check out their work.

Gaki no Tsukai Discord Channel
Come join our Discord channel to talk to us subbers and other Gaki appreciators!

Translates some Gaki no Tsukai, but also documentaries, idol shows, other variety shows, etc.

Translates mangas primarily, but also subs songs as she is the karaoke effects master. Also has amazing artwork and writes great stories.

Tofu Panda Subs
Another subbing group that primarily focuses on Gaki no Tsukai.

Wednesday Downtown Project
A community run project of people contributing what they can to sub episodes of Wednesday Downtown.

Shion no Tsukai
Another awesome fellow subber with a variety of different Downtown content.

Typhome Livestream
A livestreaming channel of Gaki no Tsukai episodes 24/7.

The subreddit for Gaki no Tsukai. Lots of good and fun discussions as well as resources for finding your favorite episodes.